VPS-server on NVMe drives is a new performance level

nvme-serversAre you implementing a resource-intensive and hardware-demanding IT project? Rent a virtual VPS server on modern NVMe drives. The basis of these drives is non-volatile NAND memory, and the majority of their models are connected via PCI Express interface.

NVMe drives use technologies relying on multi-core processors’ features. It allows multiplying the speed of data exchange in comparison with SSD-drives. Taking into account the above, a NVMe-based VPS virtual server is ideal for high-load projects, such as Forex trading platforms, 1C multi-user bases, sites with high traffic, game servers and others.

Basic tariff plans

Key Features

Data storage technology

Non-volatile NAND flash memory with access via NVM Express interface developed from scratch, is used. Advantages of the latter are low latency, an updated set of commands, and effective interaction with multi-core CPUs.

Connection interface

NVMe drives used in our virtual servers are expansion cards connected via PCI Express interface. It does not limit the exchange rate, which is important for high performance.


Disk write speed reaches 305K IOPS, and disk read speed reaches 680K IOPS. Tests have shown that  a switch from SSD to NVMe often results in a 10-fold increase in data exchange speed.

Virtualization technology

Rental of virtual server on NVMe drives means the use of KVM virtualization technology. You get an isolated OS, root access and guaranteed availability of resources in accordance with the tariff plan.


Different control panels are available for automatic installation, and you can choose a preferred one. VNC is implemented for a quick access to VPS. You can operate your server freely by starting, stopping, rebooting and reinstalling it.


Professional technical support is available 24/7. You can get help in booting the system, setting up the virtual server, updates and OS patches installation, as well as other issues resolution.

Advantages over other solutions

High performance

High performance

The speed of read / write operations from / to NVMe is up to 10 times faster than when using SSD drives. Your website or database can cope even with the largest load on our virtual server.

Guaranteed availability of resources

Guaranteed availability of resources

Thanks to KVM virtualization technology, you get the computing power of processor, amount of disk space and RAM in accordance with the tariff plan, and you will dispose them at our discretion. Competition for resources between different projects is excluded.

Complete root level access

Complete root level access

Choose your operating system and configure it in the way you need: install any libraries, freely work with files and software.

Exceptional security

Exceptional security

We provide effective DDoS protection for VPS virtual servers on NVMe drives, so you can be safe from attacks.

Advanced tariff plans

How to choose a suitable tariff plan?

You need to consider conditions under which the virtual server VPS on NVMe drives will be operated, and mainly, its load. You should consider the predicted number of site visitors during peak periods, activity of 1C database users and gamers using your gaming platform. Calculate the approximate total disk space that all users of your project might need. Finally, consider your budget. Summarizing this data, study our tariff plans, and you will certainly be able to choose the one that will be optimal for you.

Is it problematic for you to choose? Contact us by the most convenient means and describe your needs. Our specialists will be happy to help you and recommend the most suitable rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

In which cases should I order a rental of virtual server on NVMe drives?

This solution is advisable if your IT project requires a large load on the server hardware. Super-fast data access provided by NVM Express technology makes it easy to handle such a load and ensures availability of your resource as well as convenient work with it.

What are advantages of the VPS server and KVM technology?

You get complete independence from other projects and eliminate competition for computing resources from their side. It means you are guaranteed stability and reliability. Use root access and modify the system in the way you need: connect repositories, integrate libraries, freely work with files, and install any software.

Can I get a dedicated IP address?

Yes, it is possible. Send a request to our support service, and you will be allocated a static IP address as additional services.

Do you provide data backup?

This question will be left to the client’s discretion. Consider the importance of data used in your project and develop your own backup policy. You will be able to work with backups through cPanel or in any other convenient way.